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Determining Eligibility for the 15 Funded Hours of Childcare

Your Work Status (Employed, Self-Employed, or Director)

You may meet the criteria for the 15 funded hours if you (and your partner, if applicable) are currently employed, on sick leave, annual leave, shared parental leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, or adoption leave.

Even if you are not currently employed, you could still qualify if your partner is working, and you are on carer's leave or receive other government allowances or benefits.

Income Assessment (Yours and Your Partner's)

Your and your partner's earnings will play a crucial role in determining your eligibility for the 15 funded hours. During the application process, you will be required to disclose your and your partner's anticipated earnings for the next three months, before deductions. If either of you expects an adjusted net income exceeding £100,000 in the current tax year, you may not be eligible for the funding.

Immigration Status

For working parents to qualify for the 15 funded hours, both you and your partner (if applicable) must possess a National Insurance number. Additionally, the applicant must hold one of the following:

  • British or Irish citizenship

  • Settled or pre-settled status

  • Permission to access public funds

Next Steps Upon Qualifying for Funding

Upon successful completion of the government's application process and confirmation of eligibility for the 15 funded hours of childcare, you should provide the code from your online Government childcare account to your Nursery Manager.

It is essential to renew your funding eligibility every three months, as mandated by HMRC. The eligibility code will remain unchanged throughout this period.

Accessing Information on Updated Fees

Parents can easily view the updated fees applicable to them by visiting the fees and funding page

Managing Changes in Circumstances or Reapplying for Funding

Should there be a change in your circumstances at a later stage or if you were initially deemed ineligible for funding, you have the option to submit a new application to HMRC to reassess your eligibility.

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